Transition Resources

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Transition from one program to another can be a time of uncertainty. Parents and professionals can ensure smooth transitions by working together through careful planning and preparation of activities, timelines, and recommended practices to facilitate a child’s transition from one program to another.

General Transition Resources

Indicator 12 Data Collection and Reporting

  • PreK Child Find andTransition Calculator: The Pre-K Child Find & Transition Calculator is designed to serve as a data collection tool for LEAs.  The calculator collects preschool information related to Indicator 11, Indicator 12, and the Pre-K (619) Grant. LEAs accessing the calculator should review all information on the “Help” tab prior to data entry; this tab provides information about how to best enter data and maintain the integrity of the formulas within the spreadsheet.  Google users can access a Sheets version of the calculator at
  • Child Find Transition Calculator Annual Update Instructions – Provides step-by-step instructions on when and how to complete the annual update of your calculator and archive old information.
  • Indicator 12 Spreadsheet - Includes instructions and general information for submission of Indicator 12 data
  • Q&A Indicator 12 Spreadsheet - Addresses frequently asked questions about reporting Indicator 12 data to the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI)

Transition from Early Intervention to Preschool

Transition to Kindergarten