North Carolina State Data: Least Restrictive Environment

Educational Environments

Indicator 6 of the State Performance Plan (SPP) reports the percent of children ages 3-5 (A) attending a Regular Early Childhood Program (RECP) and receiving the majority of special education and related service in the regular early childhood program, and (B) attending a special education class, separate school or residential facility (Educational Environments), and (C) receiving special education and related services in the home.

The PreK LRE data are taken from the December 1st headcount and exclude children who are enrolled in Kindergarten but are not yet 6 years of age by December 1st. The summary statements for LRE on this performance indicator (#6) on the State Performance Plan are calculated in three ways:

  • Summary Statement A is calculated by combining the data from settings designated as A1 + B1. These are the RECP settings where the majority of the services are provided in the class.
  • Summary Statement B is calculated by combining the data from the settings designated as C1+C2+C3. These are three different types of separate settings.
  • Summary Statement C is calculated by using the data from the home setting, which is designated as D1.

Click here for individual LEA LRE data.

States are required to set performance targets for the above summary statements. Targets are absolute values set by the state based on previous years’ trend data and the yearly incremental goals to improve on those performance data. These targets are approved by the State Special Education Advisory Council.

FFY 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Target A 37.30% 37.60% 38.00% 38.00% 29.60%
Target B 20.00% 19.70% 19.40% 19.40% 26.49%
Target C N/A N/A N/A N/A 2.42%

Performance targets for 2020-21 are (A) 29.6%, (B) 26.49%, and (C) 2.42%.


The first chart compares state and LEA performance.

29.69% for regular EC program; 26.58% for seperate class, school or residential facility; 2.42% for services received at home.

The second chart compares educational environments of 3, 4 and 5 yr olds in prekindergarten to five year olds in kindergarten.

chart showing the pecentage of 3, 4, and 5 year olds where they receive services. Attending regular EC programs has 18.96% 3 year old, 32.31% 4 year old, and 36.71% 5 year old. Separate class, school, or residential faciity has 31.72% 3 year old, 25.54% 4 year old, and 22.48% 5 year old. Special ed and services received at home has 4.37% 3 year old, 1.97% 4 year old, and 1,08% 5 year old.

This third chart shows the distribution of 3, 4 and 5 year old prekindergarten children for Indicator 6.

chart showing the location of educational envionments for children 3-5 excluding children in kindergarten. 29% received services in a regular education childhoodprogram 10+, 22% in a regular education childhood program 10+ other location, 1% regular education childhood program <10, 3% regular education childhood program <10 other location, 25% special education classroom, 2% separate school, 0 residential or hospital facility, 2% at home, and 17% service provider location



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