North Carolina State Data: Transition

Transition from Part C, SPP/APR Indicator 12 - Children referred by Part C prior to age 3 who were found eligible for Part B, and who had an IEP developed and implemented by their third birthday. The federal requirement is that 100% of eligible preschoolers have an IEP developed and implemented by their third birthday.

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The chart below shows state percentage as well as the number of notifications the LEA received from Part C, for the designated years.

FFY North Carolina (Target=100%) State Child Notifications from Part C
2015-16 98% 6,637
2016-17 97% 6,660
2017-18 86% 7,072
2018-19 90% 7,158
2019-20 70% 7,337

The calculation of overall compliance rate omits children who were not found eligible, whose parents refused service, who did not show, moved, or were referred less than 90 days before turning 3. These are ‘allowable exceptions.’ The chart below compares with the state the percentages (and number) of children referred from Part C who fell into each of these categories during FFY 2019.



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