Supporting Remote Learning for Early Childhood

Supporting remote learning in early childhood is challenging and provides an opportunity to build strong partnerships with families and caregivers. Understanding a child’s daily routine in the home opens doors to facilitating learning through play with materials that are accessible in the home setting.  To assist you in providing instruction to preschool children and continue to strengthen partnerships with parents and caregivers as they provide routine-embedded instruction, the NC Early Learning Network (NC ELN) has created a series of sessions to support early childhood educators. For more information, please see the memo for details.

Part 1 of this series was designed to help you think through the changing roles of parents, caregivers and teachers in supporting young children’s learning in a remote learning setting. It includes two recorded presentations, activities, and support materials.

Part 2 of this series includes 4 webinars which:

  • provided targeted support to early childhood programs,
  • focused on issues that have risen to awareness as a result of the pandemic for educators, families and caregivers of children ages 3-5 years of age, and
  • addressed a variety of topics to support a remote learning environment, such as structuring the day, strengthening relationships, ongoing assessment, and instructional design.

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