2020-2021 Coaching Webinar Series

The NC Early Learning Network (NC ELN) is proud to announce the continuation of the NC PPM Coaching Webinar Series for 2020-2021.  These webinars are aligned with the NC PPM initiative goals of developing and supporting high quality coaches who will provide support to preschool teachers implementing instructional strategies to enhance emotional and social development and address challenging behaviors in the classroom.

These quarterly webinars are intended for coaches who have completed the coaching training series provided by the NC ELN as part of the NC PPM initiative, and will be included in the set of requirements to be completed by those coaches who desire to apply to obtain NC PPM Coaching Certification.

The first webinar, Establishing Collaborative Partnerships in Remote Learning Environments, was presented on September 17, 2020. Supporting materials and a link to the recorded presentation are listed below:

The second webinar, Maintaining the Practice-Based Coaching Cycle while Coaching Remotely, was held December 10, 2020. You can view the presentation here.

The third webinar, Continued PPM Coaching during the Pandemic, was held March 11, 2021. Supporting materials are listed below:

The fourth webinar, Coaching Conversations, was held May 13, 2021. Supporting materials are listed below:


If you have any questions, please contact Kris Earl at kris.earl@unc.edu and/or Shana LeGrant at shana.legrant@unc.edu.