LEA-Shared Resources

The resources found on this page have been developed and shared by LEAs participating in the NC PPM Project.


  • SEFEL Kit List – Suggested items to provide classrooms beginning implementation of PPM. Shared by Caldwell County.
  • Friendship Tools (PPT) – customizable images of tools/toolbox that can be used to create a “Friendship Skills” toolkit. (Adapted from Wake)
  • Friendship Tools (PDF) – printable to create a “Friendship Skills” toolkit. (Adapted from Wake)
  • Descriptive Feedback Bingo – can be used to promote the use of positive descriptive feedback among staff in classrooms.
  • Problem-Solving Steps (5 Steps) – updated problem-solving visual included all 5-steps of the problem-solving process. (Adapted from Wake)



Leadership Teams

  • Preschool Universal Practices: These key practices lay the foundation for Tier I of the NC PPM Pyramid and should be implemented in all preschool classrooms. (Wake)


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