NC Preschool Pyramid Model Resources: Coaching/TPOT

Coaching Resources

  • NC Preschool Pyramid Expert Coach (PPEC) Certification: NC-ELN developed this process to ensure a high-quality level of coaching across the state of North Carolina.
  • PPM Coaching Community of Practice series will support the NC PPM initiative goals of developing and supporting high quality coaches who will provide support to preschool teachers who are engaging students and families in remote learning experiences. More information including support materials and recordings of the presentations can be found here.
  • Clarifying Questions
  • Teacher-Coach Agreement: Overview of responsibilities that the teacher and coach commit to as part of the coaching relationship.
  • PPM Coaching Resource List: List of resource books that discuss information and understandings about the role of the coach and teacher for use in supplementing coaches’ skills.
  • Coaching Log: Provides a format for documenting the coaching sessions and provides a roadmap for discussion during the coaching meeting to identify what worked well, what the teacher needs in order to fully implement the practice, and what the teacher’s priorities are.  Helps determine the focus of the next observation and who will do what.
  • Coaching Questions and Answers: Answers from experienced coaches to common coaching questions
  • Coaching Standard: Recommended standard for coaching comprising three levels of intensity depending upon the needs of the teacher being coached.
  • Practice-Based Coaching - Suggested Timeline: This form is to be used as a reference guide for coaches to develop and maintain a schedule of coaching sessions that will occur consistently throughout the year.
  • Practice-Based Coaching – Sample Timeline:  Sample schedule for coaching sessions that will occur consistently throughout the year.

TPOT Resources

  • Teacher Skills and Strategies Checklist / TPOT / Implementation Plan: Checklist which includes the best practices of the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT). May be used by a teacher for a self-assessment and by the observer after the TPOT observation to compare the observation notes with the teacher self-assessment.
  • TPOT Crosswalk with CLASS Dimensions – Aligns items on  the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT) with dimensions and indicators on the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS).
  • Coaches TPOT Debrief Form: Form used to determine direction of future coaching sessions by guiding discussion with the teacher around the TPOT observation.
  • TPOT Excel Sheet: Allows the teacher and coach to visually document progress from the Pre-TPOT through the Post-TPOT
  • Information on ordering the Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool (TPOT)can be found through Brookes Publishing at this link.
  • The National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI) combines resources from national from the Center for Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning (CSEFEL), the Technical Assistance Center for Social Emotional Innovations (TASCEI), and the Center for Evidence-based Practices to improve the social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes of young children.


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