Inclusion Resources: Leadership

Possible Members of the Preschool Inclusion Initiative - Identifies key members to serve on Preschool Inclusion Initiative Teams

BBC Family and Education News video - "What Makes You Two Different from Each Other"

Inclusion Initiative Ground Rules - Activity - Activity for planning teams to use in developing meeting rules which all team members agree to follow

Inclusion Initiative Ground Rules - Sample - Sample of ground rules developed to facilitate collaborative planning

Preschool Inclusion Initiative Agenda - Sample - Sample agenda for Preschool Inclusion Initiative team members to refer to when developing their own agendas

Take a Stand Discussion Activity - Position statements to stimulate discussion regarding services for children with special needs

National Professional Development Center on Inclusion Planning Guide - Guide by the National Professional Development Center listing steps that teams can follow to initiate and implement the planning process for change in a system or program

NC Preschool Self-Assessment Tool - Framework to identify and discuss the current state of inclusion in a district and access, participation and supports available for young children with disabilities

Self-Assessment Worksheet - Summarizes information from collaborative partners in order to prioritize areas to work on to improve the quality of inclusive opportunities

Inclusion Mapping Activity - Activity to assist leadership teams in identifying where children with disabilities are being served throughout a district or within a community

Connect Policy Advisory: The Law on Inclusive Education - Discussion of the legal requirements from the American with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and IDEA 2004 as the laws  apply to providing the least restrictive and natural environments for education  children with disabilities

Pre K Policy Brief-Including Children with Disabilities - Summarizes laws requiring states to educate preschool children with disabilities in typical early childhood programs to the maximum extent possible and provides recommendations for states in meeting legal mandates

Readiness for Change Brief - Information from the State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-based Practices (SISEP) Center on defining the variables a state or large district leadership team may wish to consider as they determine if they are “ready” to invest in the scaling-up of an innovation in education

Quality Indicators of Inclusive EC Programs - Compilation of available resources and indicators of high quality inclusive programs

NC Inclusion Assurances - Outlines goals, activities, and assurances for LEA participation in the NC Preschool Inclusion Initiative

Considerations for Making Finance Decisions to Promote Preschool Inclusion: A Tool Kit - Documents and financial procedures to consider when blending funds to create inclusive environments for preschool children and addresses the areas of motivation/partnerships, settings, staffing, service delivery, funding streams and program and child accountability

NIEER Improving Public Funding for Early Learning Programs - Discusses funding for Early Learning Programs and the need to have a coordinated system of financing for early learning programs and provides recommendations on finance reform for Early Learning Programs

Implementation Brief - Information from the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) on how to implement well-researched programs and practices to achieve significant outcomes for consumers and communities

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