EC Preschool Coordinators Resources

EC Preschool Coordinators perform a variety of tasks to support the Exceptional Children Preschool Program. The resources shared here are designed to assist coordinators in overseeing the implementation of appropriate early childhood programming while ensuring that all federal, state, and local procedures/guidelines are followed.

  • Overview - General information related to statewide programs, policies, and forms
  • High Quality Practices - Supports from a variety of sources for implementing appropriate early childhood programs
  • State and Federal Memoranda - Documents released to states and school systems with guidance on a variety of topics
  • Q & A Documents - Guidance to ensure compliance with state and federal policies and procedures
  • Guiding Practices - Resources to support hearing screening, vision screening, transition, and notifications from other programs
  • IEP Process - Guidance related to special education placement decisions, determining least restrictive environment, and building systems that support inclusion

2022-23 Preschool
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The NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has several preschool resources available to purchase. Click here for more information.

Please use the links below to explore the resources offered for EC Preschool Coordinators.

Overview | Remote Learning | Quality Practices | State and Federal Memos | Q&AGuiding Practices 
IEP Process | Partnering with Families