Assessment Resources: TPBA

Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment-2 (TPBA-2)

TPBA is an authentic and developmentally appropriate method to evaluate children ages birth to six years of age. This team approach includes professionals and family members as equal partners. TPBA is led by child interest and based on the use of developmental toys and materials in a natural play setting. Developmental guidelines and age referencing are used to interpret observations and determine age levels which show the child’s strengths, skills and any developmental concerns.

Play Facilitation

Parent Facilitation

  • Parent letter - Sample letter that can be sent home prior to the assessment explaining the TPBA-2 process and what to expect the day of the assessment.
  • Parent Facilitator Question Guide - List of questions that a parent facilitator might ask a parent during the assessment.  These are often common items that may not be easily seen during an assessment.
  • Parent Feedback Form - Sample form to be completed by team members during the parent/family debrief following the TPBA-2 giving parents a quick view of the child’s strengths and next steps.

Team Development and Planning

Additional Resources

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